In order to advance its electrification strategy, British luxury sports car manufacturer Aston Martin has established a strategic agreement with American EV startup Lucid. Through this partnership, Lucid will equip Aston Martin with its state-of-the-art EV engine and battery technologies, allowing the luxury automaker to build its own in-house platform for EVs of the future. This is a big deal for Aston Martin because they want to release their first fully electric vehicle in 2025 and convert their whole core range to electric by 2030.

In order to revolutionize Aston Martin’s electric car capabilities, the company has signed a long-term technical cooperation with Lucid. Lucid will provide Aston Martin with access to its cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) powertrain and battery technologies, such as its high-performance dual motor unit and cutting-edge charging technology, as part of this collaboration.

Aston Martin’s fortunes have been transformed by its partnership with Lucid, which will allow it to capitalize on Lucid’s massive expenditures in electric vehicle technology. Executive Chairman of Aston Martin Lawrence Stroll is enthusiastic about the partnership, saying, “We will not only leverage the significant investments Lucid has made to develop its world-class technologies, but will also further enhance and differentiate the drive experience through the work Roberto Fedeli and his teams are already developing, aligned with our ultra-luxury, high-performance strategy.”

Aston Martin is investing £2 billion over the next five years to switch from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicle (EV) technology, and their cooperation with Lucid will play a crucial role in this shift. Aston Martin will be able to move faster toward electrification and further establish itself as a market leader in the luxury electric vehicle segment thanks to this strategic partnership.

Battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology developed by Lucid will form the backbone of Aston Martin’s new dedicated BEV platform. Aston Martin will design a custom BEV platform that can accommodate all of its future vehicles, from hypercars to sports cars to SUVs, by merging Lucid’s cutting-edge technology with its own.

The collaboration with Lucid will help shape Aston Martin’s electrification approach, according to Robert Fedeli, the company’s chief technical officer. He explained that the potential agreement with Lucid will be a cornerstone of Aston Martin’s electrification strategy by giving the company access to cutting-edge engine and battery system technology. All future Aston Martin vehicles, from hypercars to sports cars to SUVs, will be able to use a single, purpose-built BEV platform that has been developed in-house.

By developing its own powertrains, Aston Martin will be able to keep giving its consumers the high-octane performance and exhilarating ride they’ve come to anticipate. Aston Martin plans to improve the battery system efficiency, torque vectoring precision, and energy recuperation capabilities of its future vehicles by using Lucid’s state-of-the-art EV technology.

Aston Martin has continued its connection with Mercedes-Benz, an important source of technology for the British automaker, in addition to its work with Lucid. Aston Martin’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz has been revised, but the German automaker will still own a stake in the British company and provide access to its engines and electric vehicle technology.

The importance of having two top-tier vendors in Aston Martin’s electrification strategy was stressed by CEO Lawrence Stroll. “Now we have two world-class suppliers to support the internal development and investments we’re making to deliver our electrification strategy,” he said.

The parent company of Volvo and Polestar, Geely, has also recently established a long-term cooperation with Aston Martin. With Geely’s investment, the luxury automaker will have access to cutting-edge EV technologies and components, allowing it to better compete in the Chinese market.

Aston Martin’s collaboration with Lucid is a watershed event in the company’s evolution into the premier maker of luxury electric vehicles. By 2026, all new Aston Martin vehicles will have an electrified option, and the company expects to release its first fully electric vehicle in 2025. In line with international initiatives to cut carbon emissions and switch to sustainable transportation, the automaker’s main lineup will be electrified by 2030.

With the help of Lucid’s state-of-the-art EV technology and the ongoing backing of Mercedes-Benz and Geely, Aston Martin should be able to realize its electrification ambitions. Aston Martin’s future electric vehicles will have cutting-edge performance, efficiency, and driving dynamics thanks to the company’s strategic relationships, which provide it access to cutting-edge powertrains, battery systems, and advanced engineering skills.

The partnership with Lucid demonstrates Aston Martin’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and providing its most discerning customers with the best possible driving experience as the company moves further on its electrified journey. Aston Martin will enter a new age of automotive excellence thanks to the collaboration, one in which electrification and luxury are perfectly attuned.

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