Solo travelers are embracing technology more than ever to enhance their adventures. From CEOs to Founders, we’ve gathered five firsthand accounts of how travel tech has been a game-changer. Explore insights ranging from discovering budget-friendly hotels with browser extensions to streamlining travel with mobile boarding solutions.

  • Discover Budget-Friendly Hotels with Browser Extensions
  • Stay Secure Online with a VPN
  • Keep Digital Passport Photos for Emergencies
  • Connect with Fellow Travelers Using Apps
  • Streamline Travel with Mobile Boarding Solutions

Discover Budget-Friendly Hotels with Browser Extensions

RatePunk has been a game-changer for me when solo traveling. It’s a browser extension and app that does all the heavy lifting in finding the relevant information about hotels, pretty much doing your research for you. It’s a huge plus for solo adventurers who have to keep an eye on their budget, as it researches all available hotel prices online and gives you the best option.

RatePunk is more than just a price comparison tool; it’s packed with features that are super useful for solo travel. It gives you a combined hotel rating from different websites and even checks out the safety of the hotel’s area, which is super important when you’re on your own. And if a hotel’s price drops after you’ve booked? RatePunk’s got your back with its rebooking alerts.

The bottom line is that tools like RatePunk take a lot of the stress out of solo travel. For anyone hitting the road alone, embracing tech like RatePunk can make your journey smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

Justin Albertynas, CEO, Ratepunk

Stay Secure Online with a VPN

When traveling as a solo woman, I like to take a few extra steps to stay safe abroad. One of these steps is downloading a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

When jetting off on vacation or flying for work, I know I’ll spend a lot of time surfing the net on my phone using public Wi-Fi in airports and cafes. The explosion of public Wi-Fi is nice and convenient but not always secure. To ensure that all my online activities stay safe and private (especially financial transactions), I select a VPN for travel that has a good server connection, is affordable, has a fast connection, and can connect to whichever devices I bring on the trip.

This simple travel tech means that I know my financial, login, and personal information is safe from theft or prying eyes, and I can continue my travels with peace of mind.

Rebecca Webber, Head of Content, World Stats and Facts

Keep Digital Passport Photos for Emergencies

A few years ago, right before a flight, I lost my bag with my passport in it. I carried extra passport photos for emergencies, but ironically, they were in the lost bag. Trying to get a new photo in time was impossible, and I missed my flight. Now, I always keep a digital passport photo saved on my Google Drive. Thankfully, I haven’t lost my passport again, but having this photo digitally gives me peace of mind. It’s not just about being ready for emergencies; it’s about feeling confident and relaxed while traveling—I know I can quickly get a temporary travel document if needed. This simple tech solution has taken away the stress of ‘what if’ situations, allowing me to enjoy my solo adventures to the fullest.

Martyna Inkielman, Community Manager, Passport Photo Online

Connect with Fellow Travelers Using Apps

I love exploring the world with people, but it can be hard to find like-minded travelers. The best experiences are shared, in my opinion. A few apps that have helped me find great people are: Fairytrail, a friends-and-dating app for nomads (I’m the founder). I’ve used it to meet remote-work professionals for adventures. HostelWorld, a hostel-booking app that lets travelers going to the same city chat beforehand. Couchsurfing, a free Airbnb-like app that helps travelers meet with its hangout function. These apps make it less lonely while being on the road.

Taige Zhang, CEO, Fairytrail

Streamline Travel with Mobile Boarding Solutions

Having mobile solutions for passengers has really enhanced the airline industry. It has made everything easier—from checking in to printing the boarding pass. Everything you need can just be on your phone. And as a frequent solo traveler, it really is efficient for me, especially since I’m often on business trips that make me even busier.

Mark Damsgaard, Founder, Global Residence Index

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