Embarking on a family vacation can be filled with memorable moments, especially with the right travel games and activities. We’ve gathered six engaging options from Content Specialists to CEOs, ensuring your next trip is both fun and bonding. From enjoying trivia on the road to playing board games and badminton in your hotel at night, discover the games that these professionals swear by for family enjoyment.

  • Trivia: A Road Trip Favorite
  • Soundtrack Memory Game: Family Bonding
  • Alphabet Game: Enhances Observational Skills
  • Card Games: Versatile Travel Entertainment
  • 20 Questions: Sparks Laughter and Curiosity
  • Board Games and Badminton: Hotel Evening Fun

Trivia: A Road Trip Favorite

A game that my family loves to play while on a road trip is trivia. There are so many different categories of trivia that I think it’s a great travel game for any group.

What my family enjoys about trivia is the competition and finding out who knows more about different topics. Our favorite topics are history and geography because we are all history buffs. There is no winner or prize; it’s just a great and simple way to pass the time until we arrive at our destination.

Jasmin DiazJasmin Diaz
Content Specialist, Comparent

Soundtrack Memory Game: Family Bonding

One activity we really enjoy during our family vacations is creating a Soundtrack Memory game. Everyone takes turns playing songs that connect with specific family memories or past trips. This often sparks conversations about those moments and brings back details we might have forgotten. It also gives us a chance to share the music we love with each other, creating new memories.

It’s simple but incredibly engaging. For instance, someone might play Janis Joplin, and we’d remember a road trip down Highway 1. This game not only entertains us on long drives but also strengthens our bond by celebrating shared experiences through music. It’s a fun way to keep the past alive while enjoying the journey ahead.

Andy GillinAndy Gillin
Attorney & Managing Partner, GJEL Accident Attorneys

Alphabet Game: Enhances Observational Skills

One travel game that our family loves during vacations is the “Alphabet Game.” It’s simple yet keeps everyone entertained, without any need for special equipment.

In this game, we take turns finding things around us that start with each letter of the alphabet. It could be billboards, street signs, objects in the surroundings, or even imaginative items if we’re stuck in traffic or on a long flight. For example, someone might start with “A for apple,” then the next person might say “B for building,” and so on.

What makes it exciting is that it requires us to be observant and quick-thinking, making everyone more aware of the scenery and adding a bit of competitive fun. It’s not just a way to pass time but also a great method to make the journey itself an engaging part of the vacation. Plus, the kids often come up with the most creative answers, turning the simple game into a memorable experience.

Casey MerazCasey Meraz
CEO, Juris Digital

Card Games: Versatile Travel Entertainment

Playing cards is a travel game that my family and I enjoy during vacations. It’s a simple yet fun activity that allows us to bond and spend quality time together while on the road or waiting for our flight. As an avid traveler and tour operator, I have had the opportunity to introduce and play various games with my clients. Still, playing cards has always been a favorite for my family.

Playing cards is a versatile game that people of all ages can play. It’s also easy to learn and requires no special equipment or setup. Plus, it’s perfect for short and long trips as it keeps us entertained for hours.

One memorable experience from our travels was a spontaneous decision to pull over at a scenic spot during a road trip through the South Island of New Zealand. We laid out a picnic blanket, and as we enjoyed the breathtaking views of the mountains and lakes, we decided to play a few rounds of cards.

The laughter and light-hearted competition perfectly complemented the serene beauty around us. It was a simple moment, yet it encapsulated the joy of combining travel with family bonding and the magic of discovering unexpected pleasures along the journey.

Peter HamdyPeter Hamdy
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Auckland & Beyond Tours

20 Questions: Sparks Laughter and Curiosity

One travel game my family loves during vacations is “20 Questions.” It’s simple and keeps everyone entertained. On a road trip to the mountains, we played this game for hours, guessing everything from animals to famous landmarks. One time, my sister stumped us all with “elephant,” and we couldn’t stop laughing at how obvious it seemed afterward.

This game is great because it doesn’t require any materials, just imagination and curiosity. It helps pass the time, sparks interesting conversations, and brings lots of laughs. It’s perfect for car rides, waiting at the airport, or even relaxing at your destination.

Swena KalraSwena Kalra
Chief Marketing Officer, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Board Games and Badminton: Hotel Evening Fun

We always carry board games like Monopoly, Sequence, etc., when traveling, as they are good for family bonding and activity during vacations, especially when you are in the hotel rooms in the evenings.

We also carry badminton rackets, as space is available at most of the hotels with outdoors to play badminton easily. These activities not only provide entertainment but also create memories along with strengthening our family connection.

Anam BarkanAnam Barkan
CEO, HireGO Minibuses

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