In our increasingly digital world, finding tech-free family bonding activities during vacations can be a refreshing way to create lasting memories. We’ve gathered six recommendations from travel enthusiasts and CEOs alike, from hosting a family game night to competing in mini-golf challenges, to help you disconnect and enjoy quality time together.

  • Host a Family Game Night
  • Try the Blindfold Taste Test
  • Create a Vacation Time Capsule
  • Engage in Nature’s Treasure Hunt
  • Share Stories Around a Campfire
  • Compete in Mini-Golf Challenges

Host a Family Game Night

There are numerous tech-free family bonding activities that can create lasting memories during vacations. The one that is my favorite is Family Game Night! Bring along some travel board games, cards, or puzzles and have a family game night. This is a great way to spend quality time together, have some friendly competition, and create fun memories.

You can also switch things up by playing outdoor games like tag, hide-and-seek, or kickball. So, put away your phones and laptops, and make the most of your vacation by engaging in fun and meaningful activities with your family.

Jo LarsenJo Larsen
Travel Blogger, Best Family Beach Vacations

Try the Blindfold Taste Test

An exciting, tech-free family bonding activity that I recommend is the Blindfolded Taste Test Challenge. This activity involves blindfolding family members and having them taste various foods or drinks while trying to guess what they are.

To set up the challenge, gather a selection of different foods or beverages with distinctive flavors and textures. These can include fruits, snacks, condiments, or even homemade treats. Blindfold one family member at a time and provide them with a small sample of each item to taste. They must rely solely on their sense of taste and texture to identify the food or drink.

As each family member takes their turn, the rest of the family can cheer them on and share in the excitement. Encourage laughter, friendly competition, and playful guessing. You can keep score to see who can correctly identify the most items, or simply enjoy the experience without keeping track.

This activity not only stimulates the senses but also promotes communication, teamwork, and a sense of adventure. It encourages family members to rely on their taste buds and explore flavors in a new and fun way. It can also lead to interesting discussions about personal preferences and food experiences.

Connor OndriskaConnor Ondriska
Co-Founder & CEO, SpanishVIP

Create a Vacation Time Capsule

A light, high-tech-free way of bonding during a family vacation is creating a time capsule. Find a good container ahead of the trip: a pretty box or an old coffee tin. Grab a few trinkets that epitomize your family: photos, ticket stubs, little notes; maybe even grab a small souvenir from your holiday.

Choose a single evening from this trip to create your time capsule. Ask them to carry a few items and briefly explain why they have settled on those items. Share with them some of the best moments of the holiday and what has prepared them for the future. Then close up the time capsule and write a note attached to it, telling when to open it—next year, maybe, in five years, or on some special anniversary.

Hide the time capsule in one of your house’s rooms. The magic of this activity is not only in making the capsule but also in waiting for its disclosure. It will bring back all kinds of memories and remind the family of that special vacation when you finally do dig up this time capsule.

Alex CorniciAlex Cornici
SEO Manager at, Awesome Hibachi

Engage in Nature’s Treasure Hunt

In my family, we love playing treasure hunting! I have a family of 10, and we love to spend our vacations mostly in our ancestral farmhouse. That’s mostly enjoying nature, away from the noise and pollution of the city. We have a big lawn and garden, a barn, a stable with three horses and two cows, and our family cottage.

Now, let me tell you about treasure hunting. It might sound like searching for something special, but it is not. To us, nature is the biggest treasure we have, and we like to cherish it completely.

My husband and I are the oldest ones, so we become the judges. I randomly divide the remaining family members into two teams and ask them to create an object using anything that can be found in the farmhouse. They can choose flowers, leaves, wood, hay, or anything useful to make that object.

Each person has to make one object, and team members can help each other. The game starts after breakfast and continues until lunch. The teams must submit their object before lunch to me. After lunch, my husband and I will decide on the winning team after checking all the objects. The team with the most objects wins. However, we both also consider how unique an object is.

We declare the winning team at dinner and give them something sweet and useful. It is our way of teaching our grandkids about teamwork, creating with minimum things, and, most importantly, how to love and care for nature.

We all switch off our phones during this activity, and I put my old record player to work. There’s nothing more pleasant than spending a sunny day with my family and listening to Frank Sinatra.

Loretta KildayLoretta Kilday
Debtcc Spokesperson, Debt Consolidation Care

Share Stories Around a Campfire

Absolutely! One tech-free family bonding activity that can create memorable moments during vacations is storytelling around a campfire. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness or simply enjoying a backyard bonfire, gathering around a fire pit provides a cozy and intimate setting for sharing stories, jokes, and memories.

Here’s how to make it special:

Gather Supplies: Start by gathering supplies for the campfire, including firewood, kindling, and matches or a lighter. You might also want to bring along some comfortable seating, like camping chairs or blankets.

Set the Scene: Once the fire is lit and everyone is settled, create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere with soft lighting and cozy blankets. Encourage everyone to relax and enjoy the warmth of the fire.

Share Stories: Take turns sharing stories, whether they’re personal anecdotes, favorite family memories, or imaginative tales. You can even create a theme for the storytelling session, such as ‘campfire legends’ or ‘funniest family moments.’

Get Creative: Encourage creativity by incorporating elements like props, costumes, or sound effects into the storytelling. You could also bring along a book of ghost stories or campfire songs to inspire conversation and laughter.

Connect and Listen: Use this time to connect with each other on a deeper level by actively listening and engaging with the stories being shared. Encourage everyone to participate and contribute their own unique perspective to the conversation.

Reflect and Bond: After the storytelling session, take a moment to reflect on the experience and share what you enjoyed most about it. Embrace the opportunity to bond as a family and create lasting memories together.

Marc BromhallMarc Bromhall
Founder, Dentist Hub

Compete in Mini-Golf Challenges

As a busy business owner, I rely on time away with the family to reconnect and recharge, and putting away our devices is a key strategy.

That’s why we’ve developed a tradition of mini-golf. No matter where you are in the world, you can find a course, and while it’s not exactly athletic, that’s what makes it so fun. The whole family is engaged in one silly goal, and for once, I don’t have to challenge my kids to put away their phones—they do so without asking.

Think about a similar activity that your family might enjoy. Ideally, it requires full focus and the use of both hands!

Linn AtiyehLinn Atiyeh
CEO, Bemana

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