In the world of travel, smart luggage has become an essential companion, promising to enhance the journey of every tech-savvy traveler. We’ve gathered insights from business owners and CEOs to share their personal experiences with this innovative gear. From providing a sense of reassurance to improving travel convenience, discover the diverse ways in which four experts have seen their travel convenience transform.

  • Providing a Sense of Reassurance
  • Charging Devices Directly from Anywhere
  • Freeing Up Hands for Traveling with Kids
  • Improving Travel Convenience

Providing a Sense of Reassurance

Thanks to the latest advancements in luggage technology, my travel experience has been greatly enhanced. The inclusion of GPS tracking, built-in chargers, and weight sensors in smart luggage has made my journeys much more convenient. With the ability to track the location of my bags in real time, I no longer have to worry about them getting lost. 

It provides me with a sense of peace and reassurance. I appreciate the convenience of having built-in chargers, as they have proven to be a real lifesaver in keeping my devices powered up during those long layovers or unexpected delays. 

One aspect that impressed me was the weight sensor. It’s an ingenious addition that simplifies check-in and eliminates last-minute scrambles. Thanks to a handy mobile app, keeping track of my luggage weight has become a breeze, greatly improving the overall efficiency of the process. 

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a deep passion for the travel industry, I have dedicated myself to constantly staying ahead by seeking innovative travel solutions. Smart luggage has become a must-have for my journeys and has proven incredibly valuable for many fellow travelers. 

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or just starting out, upgrading to smart luggage is worth considering. This small investment can bring you great convenience and peace of mind. 

James Smith, Owner, Travel-Lingual

Charging Devices Directly from Anywhere

Using smart luggage during my travels has truly changed the way I travel. The integration with travel technology adds a whole new level of convenience, especially with features like charging my devices, real-time luggage tracking, and secure digital locks. 

Being able to charge my devices directly from my suitcase is incredibly helpful on busy travel days. The ability to track my luggage ensures a stress-free journey, and having digital locks adds an extra layer of confidence in keeping my belongings secure. Smart luggage has become an essential companion, improving not just the practical aspects but also the overall experience of my adventures.

Hammer Tsui, Travel Blogger and Digital Nomad, A Fun Couple

Freeing Up Hands for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with a family and young kids through airports is incredibly stressful, no matter what you do, so any new convenience is welcomed. We tried an electric luggage scooter for our 4-year-old son, and it was a triple threat. By that, I mean that it helped him travel long distances through the airport without his legs getting tired, it kept him entertained the entire time so we didn’t have any tantrums or trouble, and it freed up my hands from carrying his luggage so that I could carry my wife’s. 

I thought it was a gimmick when we first got it as a gift from my brother-in-law, but it is incredible, and I think it will keep my son entertained in airports until he’s old enough to be a bit more independent.

Jordan Hollander, CEO, HotelTechReport

Improving Travel Convenience

My experience with smart luggage and its integration with travel technology has significantly improved travel convenience, making journeys more seamless and stress-free. Smart luggage, equipped with features like GPS tracking, built-in scales, USB charging ports, and remote locking systems, represents a leap forward in travel technology.

One particular instance where smart luggage proved invaluable was during a business trip that involved multiple destinations. The GPS tracking feature of my smart luggage provided peace of mind, especially during transit stages where luggage mishandling or loss could occur. Knowing the exact location of my luggage at all times alleviated concerns about lost baggage, allowing me to focus on the business aspects of my trip.

Moreover, the built-in scale feature was a game-changer. It enabled me to ensure my luggage was within airline weight limits, avoiding last-minute repacking or excess baggage fees. This feature was particularly useful given the varying weight restrictions across different airlines and the need to frequently adjust the contents of my luggage.
Bruno Gavino, Founder, CEO, CodeDesign