Exploring the impact of cutting-edge vehicle technology on family travel, we gathered insights from industry leaders including CEOs and Owners. They share how features from infotainment systems to drive assist have transformed their travel experiences, specifically highlighting family-friendly aspects. Here are three enriching perspectives, starting with how infotainment elevates family journeys and concluding with the transformative power of drive assist for local trips.

  • Infotainment Elevates Family Journeys
  • Rear-Seat Entertainment Quiets Queries
  • Drive Assist Transforms Local Trips

Infotainment Elevates Family Journeys

Infotainment systems have revolutionized family travel by introducing significant advancements in vehicle technology. 

These innovative systems have revolutionized long journeys, making them more enjoyable and less stressful for parents and children. 

They seamlessly combine entertainment and information delivery, providing a delightful experience. 

My family and I truly appreciate the rear-seat entertainment system, which provides endless entertainment during our travels. 

Passengers in the back can enjoy movies, games, or their favorite shows during long drives. It’s incredibly helpful during those long road trips when keeping the kids entertained can be a challenge. 

In addition, these systems frequently include multiple headphone inputs, enabling each passenger to enjoy their media without causing any inconvenience to others. This feature ensures that both children and adults can have an enjoyable and relaxing drive. 

As someone who has founded a business in the travel industry, these technological advancements have made our journeys more comfortable and enjoyable and greatly improved the overall travel experience for families. Keep in mind that the journey holds equal significance to the destination. 

James Smith, Owner, Travel-Lingual

Rear-Seat Entertainment Quiets Queries

Vehicle technology has significantly elevated our family travel experiences, making our journeys safer, more enjoyable, and incredibly effortless. One family-friendly tech feature that stands out is the rear-seat entertainment system. Having a built-in entertainment system has been a game-changer, especially on long drives.

It keeps the kids entertained with their favorite movies and games, reducing the frequency of the dreaded ‘Are we there yet?’ question. Furthermore, it enables us as parents to focus on the road, ensuring a safer and more peaceful journey for everyone.

David Bui, Director and Business Specialist, David Bui

Drive Assist Transforms Local Trips

Enhanced drive assist (i.e., autopilot) has been an absolute game-changer for our family travels. We’re not exactly the road-tripping type of family in that we don’t enjoy long drives, so we just traveled locally less, but now with drive assist, we go to all sorts of local trips from our Los Angeles home base, like Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, and San Diego. Drive assist is truly one of the most transformative technologies I’ve ever seen in my life—we hit the road, press a button, and can hang out as a family without worrying about traffic. I know this tech has been developed for a while now, but it still shocks me every time I watch my car braking on its own or changing lanes without my involvement.

Jordan Hollander, CEO, HotelTechReport