Seeking the perfect blend of business and pleasure for your next corporate getaway? We’ve gathered firsthand recommendations from CEOs and Founders, capturing the essence of fifteen dynamic destinations. From exploring Seattle’s innovative tech scene to embracing Zurich’s professionalism amidst natural splendor, discover where industry leaders find inspiration and opportunity.

  • Explore Seattle’s Innovative Tech Scene
  • Malta: Entrepreneurial Spirit and Scenic Beauty
  • Calgary: Business-Friendly with Natural Wonders
  • Barcelona: Tech Hub with Mediterranean Flair
  • Austin: Music, Tech, and Networking Opportunities
  • Netherlands: Gateway to European Business
  • Kyoto: Culture Meets Business Efficiency
  • San Francisco: Future of Tech and Business
  • Columbus: Arts, Sports, and Local Charm
  • Bali: Work-Life Balance in Tropical Paradise
  • Dubai: Luxury and Global Business Access
  • Singapore: Innovation and Cultural Diversity
  • Puerto Rico: Caribbean Business and Leisure
  • Seoul: Tradition Meets Innovation
  • Zurich: Professionalism Amidst Natural Splendor

Explore Seattle’s Innovative Tech Scene

As an experienced business traveler, I highly recommend visiting Seattle for your next work trip. The Emerald City offers an ideal mix of natural beauty, vibrant urban energy, and a thriving tech scene that fosters innovation. Though known for frequent rainfall, Seattle enjoys mild temperatures year-round that make outdoor activities easy to enjoy.

The city’s unique geography, nestled between Puget Sound and Lake Washington, provides gorgeous mountain views and scenic waterfront access, perfect for clearing your head during hectic work trips. Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods each have their own flavor, from hipster Capitol Hill to the tech corridor of South Lake Union. But the city comes together through a collaborative spirit that welcomes visitors. With top-notch arts and culture, a booming food scene led by star chefs, and major business hubs for companies like Microsoft and Amazon, Seattle has something for every business traveler. I particularly love strolling through Pike Place Market before grabbing a locally roasted cup of coffee. Seattle always energizes and inspires me.

For example, on my last business trip to Seattle, I stayed downtown to be centrally located. But I made sure to visit the Space Needle and ride the iconic monorail, sample craft beers at lively brewpubs, and take the ferry to quaint Bainbridge Island. These experiences provided a nice balance to my busy conference schedule, allowing me to experience the best of Seattle. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to implement the ideas I had gathered. Seattle truly sets the standard for an energizing, inspiring business travel destination.

Leif HoltzmanLeif Holtzman
CIO, Lacure Villas

Malta: Entrepreneurial Spirit and Scenic Beauty

I’d highly recommend considering Malta for your business travels. I personally had a fantastic experience there back when I was still building my entrepreneurial career. Aside from being able to connect with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, the island’s unique blend of rich history, stunning landscapes, and a thriving business environment makes it an ideal destination for anyone.

During my visit, I was able to enjoy the scenic beauty, and I had the opportunity to meet inspiring individuals from various industries. Their passion and innovative spirit left a lasting impression on me that has motivated me to strive for excellence in my own endeavors. Malta truly offers a conducive atmosphere for both work and personal growth.

Johannes LarssonJohannes Larsson
Founder and CEO,

Calgary: Business-Friendly with Natural Wonders

I highly recommend Calgary as a prime destination for corporate travel and events. The city offers an excellent combination of amenities, affordability, and accessibility that have made my business trips there productive and enjoyable.

Calgary has a vibrant, revitalized downtown core with walkable streets lined with shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. The city is very business-friendly, with state-of-the-art convention and meeting facilities able to accommodate groups of any size. I’ve also found the local hospitality industry to be exceptional—hotels, venues, and service providers really go the extra mile to make business visitors feel welcome.

Flights in and out of Calgary International Airport are frequent and affordable, with nonstop connections to major Canadian and international cities. The airport is modern and efficient, located just 15 minutes from downtown. Ground transportation, whether via rental car, bus, or taxi, is easy and stress-free.

With the Rockies just west of the city, there are also ample opportunities for spending free time in nature through activities like hiking and skiing. The famous Banff National Park is just a 90-minute drive away.

Overall, Calgary offers a great experience for business travelers, with convenience, value, and genuine hospitality that has made my own trips there truly enjoyable. It’s a city I’m always happy to return to for meetings and events.

Jessica SproatJessica Sproat
Founder, Next Up Adventure

Barcelona: Tech Hub with Mediterranean Flair

Barcelona, Spain, has proven to be an incredible hub for business travel. Its dynamic startup scene, combined with international trade fairs like the Mobile World Congress, provides unmatched opportunities for networking and exposure to the latest in technology and innovation. The city’s creative vibe, coupled with its Mediterranean lifestyle, offers a perfect blend of work and relaxation. Engaging with local entrepreneurs against the backdrop of Barcelona’s architectural marvels has sparked fresh ideas and collaborations for me.

David WilfongDavid Wilfong
Founder and CEO, DavidWilfong

Austin: Music, Tech, and Networking Opportunities

As the founder and CEO, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various businesses across a spectrum of industries, advising on marketing strategies that significantly boost client engagement and sales. This experience places me in a unique position to recommend business travel destinations, especially for those looking to expand their B2B reach and network within an innovative and thriving business community. One city that stands out for such purposes is Austin, Texas.

Austin is not just the live music capital of the world; it’s also a booming technology and innovation hub. The city’s dynamic mix of creativity, business-friendly policies, and a highly educated workforce makes it an ideal location for business networking, conferences, and establishing new client relationships. My experience attending tech and marketing summits here has allowed me to connect with industry leaders and bring back game-changing strategies to implement in my business—one example being the increased focus on digital marketing techniques, which resulted in a 278% revenue increase for a client within just 12 months.

Furthermore, Austin’s vibrant startup scene is complemented by its numerous coworking spaces and coffee shops, which offer casual yet impactful networking opportunities. Events like South by Southwest (SXSW) further amplify this, bringing together professionals from tech, film, and music industries. Engaging in these collaborative environments has not only expanded Cleartail Marketing’s network but has also provided us with invaluable insights into emerging market trends. The city’s blend of professional growth opportunities, cultural richness, and innovative spirit makes it a standout recommendation for business travelers looking to tap into new markets or bolster their industry knowledge.

Magee CleggMagee Clegg
CEO, Cleartail Marketing

Netherlands: Gateway to European Business

I’d highly recommend the Netherlands for business travel. It’s a fantastic gateway to the European market, thanks to its high trade surplus and stable business climate. As the sixth-largest economy in the EU and the 13th freest in the world, it’s incredibly open to global trade and investment, making it ideal for business growth.

One of the most impressive aspects is Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport’s connectivity, ranking as the third-best-connected airport globally. This makes traveling to and from the Netherlands incredibly smooth and convenient. In terms of sectors, there’s a wealth of opportunities, especially in agri-food, information technology, life sciences, and more. Each of these industries is thriving and offers great potential for business ventures.

Whether it’s for networking, exploring new markets, or tapping into the latest innovations, the Netherlands has consistently proven to be a fruitful destination for my business travels.

James McnallyJames Mcnally
Managing Director, SDVH [Self Drive Vehicle Hire]

Kyoto: Culture Meets Business Efficiency

Kyoto, Japan, is one of the best business travel destinations that I have experienced. With its rich culture and fascinating history, it provides a unique and refreshing atmosphere for work-related trips. The city is also known for its efficient transportation system, making it easy to navigate and conduct business meetings in different areas. Additionally, Kyoto offers a wide range of accommodation options, from traditional ryokans to modern hotels, catering to all types of travelers. Moreover, the food scene in Kyoto is exceptional, with a variety of delicious and authentic Japanese dishes that will surely impress business associates.

John McdougallJohn Mcdougall
President & CEO, McDougall Interactive

San Francisco: Future of Tech and Business

San Francisco has changed the way I see new ideas and starting businesses. It’s the center of the tech world, with big companies and new ones starting up all around. People here are open to new ideas, and there’s so much talent. Going to a meeting or conference in San Francisco feels like peeking into the future of tech and business, making it a really valuable trip for anyone working in these areas.

Gregory RozdebaGregory Rozdeba
CEO, Dundas Life

Columbus: Arts, Sports, and Local Charm

Keynote speaking has taken me across the entire country for various events, and one of my favorite destinations is Columbus, Ohio. Though there is plenty to experience, it has a very local, small-city feel. The stores are quaint; there are delicious local restaurants, and the Columbus Museum of Art is fantastic! Plus, the city benefits from the positive impact of Ohio State! Whether you’re looking for arts, sports, or great food, Columbus is a great place when you have to travel for work.

Logan MalloryLogan Mallory
Keynote Speaker, Logan Mallory Speaks

Bali: Work-Life Balance in Tropical Paradise

One business travel destination that perfectly blends productivity with relaxation and enjoyment is Bali, Indonesia. I’m very familiar with Bali (as you can see on my Instagram) and know how perfect it is as a business travel destination!

With its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and thriving digital nomad community, Bali offers a unique environment for mixing work and leisure. You can set up your laptop in a beachside cafe, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of the ocean, providing the perfect backdrop for creative thinking and focused work sessions. After a productive day, unwind with a yoga session, explore local markets, or indulge in delicious Indonesian cuisine. Bali’s laid-back atmosphere and diverse experiences make it an ideal destination for business travelers seeking both productivity and rejuvenation.

Danielle HuDanielle Hu
Founder & Online Business Coach, The Wanderlover

Dubai: Luxury and Global Business Access

Based on my extensive experience in the private-jet charter industry, I highly recommend Dubai as a top business-travel destination. Dubai offers a unique blend of modern infrastructure, world-class business facilities, and unparalleled hospitality. Its strategic location as a global business hub facilitates networking opportunities and access to key markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Additionally, Dubai’s commitment to innovation and luxury provides an impressive backdrop for meetings and events, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking both efficiency and an extraordinary experience.

Fahd KhanFahd Khan
Director of Marketing & Technology, JetLevel Aviation

Singapore: Innovation and Cultural Diversity

One destination stands out for me—Singapore. It’s a hub of innovation, blending diverse cultures with a buzzing entrepreneurial spirit. The city is immaculately clean, incredibly safe, and transportation is a breeze. Networking opportunities are abundant, especially in sectors like finance, tech, and biomedical sciences.

Singapore also boasts exceptional venues for conferences and seminars. Places like Marina Bay Sands and Suntec Convention Centre are state-of-the-art. Plus, you’ll find a culinary paradise awaiting after meetings—the food scene is a melting pot of flavors from around the world.

For winding down, there are lush green spaces like Gardens by the Bay. It’s a place where business and pleasure don’t just meet; they intertwine. It’s hard not to return home without a fresh perspective after a trip to Singapore. It’s a place that truly energizes and inspires.

Casey JonesCasey Jones
Founder, Head of Marketing, CJ&CO

Puerto Rico: Caribbean Business and Leisure

Puerto Rico is an ideal business travel destination thanks to its perfect work-and-relaxation environment. The island’s strategic location makes it accessible for business meetings with both American and international partners. Its culture and beautiful landscapes provide a refreshing backdrop, creating a conducive atmosphere for productive discussions. Personally, before I eventually moved there, I went on a business trip to San Juan. I found that having meetings in a more relaxed setting, such as a beachfront venue, enhanced creativity and collaboration. Additionally, the local hospitality and diverse cuisine add a delightful touch to the overall experience. Puerto Rico offers a perfect balance, allowing for successful business engagements while enjoying the beauty and warmth of the Caribbean, making it a standout choice for business travel.

Jon TorresJon Torres
CEO, Jon Torres

Seoul: Tradition Meets Innovation

I wholeheartedly recommend Seoul, South Korea, as a top business travel destination. Seoul’s dynamic blend of tradition and innovation creates a captivating environment for entrepreneurs and business leaders alike. The city’s cutting-edge technology, vibrant startup scene, and world-class infrastructure offer fertile ground for forging strategic partnerships and exploring new ventures. Seoul’s rich cultural heritage, exquisite cuisine, and warm hospitality provide a delightful backdrop for business meetings and networking events. With its unique blend of modernity and tradition, Seoul promises a memorable and fruitful business travel experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Josh LadickJosh Ladick
President, GSA Focus

Zurich: Professionalism Amidst Natural Splendor

One business-travel destination I highly recommend, based on my positive experiences, is Zurich, Switzerland. Renowned for its efficient infrastructure, stunning landscapes, and vibrant business culture, Zurich offers a perfect blend of professionalism and leisure. From productive meetings in sleek conference venues to networking over scenic lakefront dinners, Zurich provides an ideal backdrop for fostering meaningful business connections. Moreover, its excellent public transportation system and cosmopolitan atmosphere make navigating the city a breeze, ensuring a seamless and enriching business travel experience.

Gil Clark Jr.Gil Clark Jr.
CEO, GH Clark

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